Early Aquaculture Facility at the IMA included:

  • A Wet Laboratory of approximately 500 square metres with thirty-two (32) 900 litre circular tanks and nine 0.02 ha outdoor earthen ponds
  • Water supplied by a flow-through well-water system from a well drilled on-site specifically for the project.
  • The well has the capacity to supply 120 gallons per minute of good quality water for the ponds and wet-laboratory.  It also supplements the IMA’s water supply.

Aquaculture Wet Laboratory at the IMA constructed in 1984/1985


Present-day Facility includes:

  • Aquaculture Laboratory
  • An Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture system comprising:
    • A shade-house
    • Ten 36,000 litre tanks
    • A feed storage area and control room
  • Benthic Laboratory
  • Fish Age and Growth Laboratory
  • Fisheries Laboratory
  • Histopathology Laboratory
  • Marine Productivity Laboratory
  • Marine Reference Collection Museum

Intense recirculating aquaculture system