Recommendation of laws, policies and institutional arrangements for the improvement of the marine surveillance capability for protecting Trinidad and Tobago’s marine environment and resources

The objective of this project was to recommend policies, laws, regulations and strategies to enhance Trinidad and Tobago’s surveillance capability to effectively regulate, manage and protect its marine areas and resources.

This is one of a series of sub-projects undertaken by the Legal and Policy Research Programme with the goal of recommending a comprehensive marine policy for Trinidad and Tobago. Other sub-projects of the main project dealt with inter alia:


  • Coastal Area Development;
  • Fisheries;
  • Protection and Management of the Marine Environment;
  • Shipping;
  • Recreation and Tourism; and
  • Marine Scientific Research.


The study looked at the historical development, present state of the marine environment, present laws and regulations, policies and potential for further development.


Component 8 of the Environmental Monitoring of the Gulf of Paria Project: Legal Aspects of the Management of the Gulf of Paria (2003)

The objective of this component was to recommend policies, laws and regulations for the management of the Gulf of Paria and its coastal areas.

The policies, laws, regulations and institutional arrangements of Trinidad and Tobago relating to the many and varied activities in and around the Gulf of Paria were reviewed against the background of the relevant international and regional legal instruments. The information gained from this review was used to recommend policies, laws, regulations, institutional arrangements and strategies for the sustainable management of the Gulf of Paria and so contribute to the formulation of a management plan for the Gulf of Paria.


Component 5 of the Coastal Conservation Project for Trinidad and Tobago: Legal Aspects of Coastal Conservation (2004)

Goal: To recommend policies, laws and regulations relating to coastal development around Trinidad and Tobago.

The international measures for dealing with pollution in general and the international, regional and national measures for dealing with vessel-source pollution and pollution from land-based sources and activities were reviewed.


The impact of the past, present and proposed activities on the already heavily industrialized coastal areas of Trinidad and Tobago, particularly the Point Fortin/La Brea Area was taken into consideration in recommending legal instruments, institutional arrangements and strategies for the conservation of the coastal areas of Trinidad and Tobago.