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8th Community Symposium
IMA Newsletter - December 2022
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Beyond the Blue

From the oceans to our tables

The fisheries sector is essentially one of the oldest activities within the Blue Economy. It provides healthy and nutritious food and livelihoods for many. Around the globe, over 3 billion people depend on the ocean for their livelihood.  And here in Trinidad and Tobago, many of us depend on the ocean for our livelihoods too.  There are as many as 6000 registered  fishers and around forty to fifty thousand people involved in fishing or other fish-related activity such as net mending, itinerant sales, fish farming and more.
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Coral Spawning in Tobago


Mountainous star coral releasing gamete (sperm/egg) bundles

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Monitoring Coral Spawning in Tobago

Biodiversity & Ecology Programme

The Biodiversity Research Programme conducts fundamental and applied research on wetlands (mangroves and seagrasses), coral reefs, benthic communities...

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Fisheries & Aquaculture Programme

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Programme (F&ARP) comprises two principal thematic areas. The Fisheries programme focuses on age and growth studies...

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Oceanography & Coastal Processes Programme

Oceanography and Coastal Process (OCP) Research Programme conducts research in the following areas: oceanography/ hydrography, sedimentology, and coastal...

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Environmental Quality Programme

The Environmental Quality Programme (EQP) conducts research to determine water, sediment, biota quality in the coastal and marine environment. This includes...

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Marine Governance & Policy

The Programme provides the legal input to the IMA’s multidisciplinary research projects...

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Geomatics Unit

This Unit deals mainly with the generation, analysis and management of spatial information and provides support for research staff...

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The Institute of Marine Affairs

We are a multi-disciplinary research organization that has been mandated to collect, analyse and disseminate information relating to the economic, technological, environmental, social and legal developments in marine affairs and to formulate and implement specific programmes/projects.


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Fostering Research

The mission of the IMA is to conduct and foster research and to provide advice for the sustainable management of the coastal and marine areas and resources of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Ensuring that you are educated about marine health: Learn more about our nation's marine ecosystems through our resource databases.