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Status of mangrove forests in Trinidad and Tobago

This project was done in collaboration with Dr. Rahanna Juman, head of the Environmental Research Programme (ERP). The goal of the project was to establish a baseline for mangrove forests in Trinidad and Tobago from which to predict the response to sea level rise and climate changes.  High resolution IKONOS satellite imagery together with extensive ground surveys were used to map all of the mangroves around Trinidad and Tobago. GIS software was used to develop the maps and give an estimate of the total square area of mangrove existing in the region. The project was completed at the end of 2009.  The results are to be used to inform a new project which examines climate change impacts on selected mangrove areas. Project Plans
  • Development of Satellite Based Indicators for marine management in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Implementation of a web based tool for satellite data catalog and retrieval
  • Coastline change detection using remote sensing techniques
  • Reef mapping from satellite imagery