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The Institute of Marine Affairs is now a regional institute

On Wednesday 4 April, 2018, the Minister of Planning & Development signed an agreement to have the IMA recognized as Regional Activity Centre of the Caribbean Environment Programme of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).  Planning & Development Minister told a captive audience that the “Parties [The IMA and UNEP] agreed that the IMA be the designated Regional Activity Centre for the English speaking islands of the Caribbean, undertaking activities aimed at implementing the Protocol on Land-Based Sources (LBS) of Pollution at the regional level. The LBS Protocol is a set of procedures developed to protect the marine environment and human health from land-based point and non-point sources of marine pollution. The LBS Protocol provides the framework for addressing pollution based on national and regional needs and priorities. It is focused on addressing the sources of pollution and promotes Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), and the application of the most appropriate technologies, and best management practices.