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THE IMA Celebrates 40th Anniversary

1978-2018 The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) is the only multi-disciplinary coastal, marine and environmental research organization in the CARICOM states, established to conduct inter-disciplinary studies. Mandated to provide advice to the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the IMA continues to conduct and foster research on the sustainable management of the coastal and marine spaces and resources of Trinidad and Tobago. The IMA is celebrating 40 years of providing reports, data and advice, through its robust monitoring and research programmes, on the marine environment, including land-based activities with an impact on the oceans, which must be managed more effectively to address the increasing pressures on our coastal and marine resources. In commemoration of its 40th anniversary, the IMA will host 5 public lecture series under the theme, “Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation”.  The first lecture will be held on 15th May, 2018 in Port of Spain and Mr. Derek Hudson, Vice President of Shell Trinidad and Tobago Limited, and former employee of IMA, will deliver the first public lecture.  Stay tuned for more information