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World Wetlands and Climate Change

Once considered spaces and areas where refuse should be dumped, wetlands are now recognised integral components of marine and terrestrial environments and are also valued as sources of economic contribution to the sustainable development of many economies. The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) joins the Government of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Global Community in observing World Wetlands Day 2019.  The theme this year, World Wetlands and Climate Change, makes a ‘clarion’ call for all of us to recognise and act on carrying out activities that would conserve our wetlands. The Library is pleased to share the following link, which provides access to download/view/read a power-point presentation on World Wetlands Day...

Our Wetlands: Our Defence

by Dr. Rahanna Juman Deputy Director or Research The frequency of disasters worldwide has more than doubled in just 35 years; and 90% of these disasters are water related. More and more, climate change is driving weather-related hazards such as flooding and hurricanes. This pattern is already having a significant impact on Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean; and it’s unlikely to get any better. The most we can do is to develop strategies to manage the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions and this is where wetlands come into their own importance. In the Caribbean Region, it is estimated that changes in...