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Happy Indian Arrival Day!

The Board and Management salutes our citizens and our nation, as we reflect on the celebrations and observances of Indian Arrival Day 2019. The courage and commitment of our forefathers who undertook the long and arduous 107 day journey from Calcutta, India across the Vishal Mahasagar to our shores is a testimony to the strength of purpose of the first 227 and the legacy and diversity of character they have left us in the nation that is Trinidad and Tobago.

Let us use the occasion to not only reflect on their resilience in achieving a better life  for themselves far away from the land of their birth, but to also commend their descendants for their  tremendous contributions to shaping and defining Trinidad and Tobago’s collective Identity.  Let us continue to mould and build upon our social and cultural cohesion, which binds all of us together as one.

I wish you all a safe and happy Indian Arrival Day!