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Why should we be concerned about Nutrient Pollution?

by Yasim Edoo, Associate ProfessionalInstitute of Marine Affairs Many countries around the world are susceptible to different types of pollution. The countries of the Wider Caribbean Region (WCR) are no exception. In recent times, the issue of nutrient pollution has come to the attention of many islands in the WCR and the question of “How can this form of pollution be mitigated?” arises but what is nutrient pollution?  Very simply put, nutrient pollution is the process whereby excess nitrogen and phosphorous compounds (nutrients) enter into water bodies and cause an excessive growth of algae leading to poor condition such as oxygen depletion (National Ocean Service)....

Training Farmers in Caroni One step towards Ecosystem-Based Management in Trinidad and Tobago

Prepared byDr. Darryl Banjoo, Deputy Director (Ag.) and ChemistInstitute of Marine Affairs Training and sensitisation go a long way in changing one’s mindset. Sometimes we do things without knowing the impacts on the environment and on ourselves.  Thirty years ago, farmers would often use agro-chemicals with no special clothing or masks. These chemicals were measured out and mixed by hand in buckets and those same vessels would subsequently be used for drinking water. Spraying of pesticides or weedicides with leaking spray cans that can also come into contact with the skin was common; farmers would simply wipe the chemicals off their skin and drink milk...