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The genus Caulerpa belongs to the Chlorophyta (green algae) of which twelve species have been recorded for Trinidad and Tobago.

Members of the genus consist of one cell only with many nuclei, making them among the largest single cells in the world. They are characterized by a creeping stolon which is tabular, from the under surface of which downwardly pointing rhizoids grow and serve to attached the organism to some support (pebbles, reefs, or other solid surface.) From the upper surface the photosynthetic portion, called the frond, grows upwards. Different species of the genius are recognized by the shape of the frond. Caulerpa racemosa has a frond with a vertical axis and lateral outgrowths (branches), in all planes, from base to tip. These branches are bulbous, (bulb-like) giving the appearance of a bunch of grapes. Some species (especially C. racemose and C. lentillifera J. Agardh) are eaten in Asia under the names “green caviar”, or “sea grape”. They have a peppery taste. C. racemose is claimed to have nutritional and medicinal properties.

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