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Matelot Bay

The fishing village of Matelot is where the Paria Main Road ends. To reach Matelot from the east, turn left at the Valencia Police Post junction and follow the Valencia Road onto the Toco Main Road. Turn left and continue along the Toco Main Road for approximately 32 km to the Toco junction. Here, the road becomes the Paria Main Road. Turn left again at this junction and follow the winding road in a westerly direction along the scenic north coast to Matelot.

Matelot Bay

Matelot Bay, with its fishing depot, is located at the end of the Paria Main Road. The beach is small and unsheltered, so the water is often rough and not ideal for swimming. Turtles occasionally nest on this beach, and seamoss is collected here for sale.

The Matelot River which enters the bay at its western end is more suitable for swimming. To reach the river follow the road uphill from the Roman Catholic Church, turn right at the junction and continue on to the end of the road.

Matelot River