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Scientific name: Coccoloba uvifera

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Seagrape is a common seaside plant in Trinidad and Tobago and occurs naturally in all of Central America and throughout the Caribbean. It is highly salt tolerant and also grows equally well inland. Seagrape act as a continuous sand trap and dense stands can be an effective windbreak. On exposed shores it grows as a sprawling shrub but in more sheltered areas it can reach 15 m. The leaves are rounded, smooth, with prominent reddish veins, and up to 20 cm in diameter. Throughout the year leaf drop is constant and fallen leaves take a long time to decay. The male and female flowers occur on different trees. The tiny, cream flowers are in spikes 15-30 cm long. They develop into edible grape-like fruit clusters, green when young and later turning reddish purple, and can be made into preserves, jam or wine.

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