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IMA & CARIRI Collaborate to Promote Caribbean Growth and Development

Port of Spain The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) and the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) pool their institutional talent, resources, and technical expertise to support and promote economic growth and development in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.  Both entities solidified this commitment via the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at CARIRI’s head office located at the St. Augustine campus of The University of the West Indies (UWI) on November 16th., 2023. 

Dr Ava Maxam, Director IMA, and Mr. Hans-Erich Schulz, Chief Executive Officer CARIRI signing Memorandum of Understanding

With Research and Development (R&D) at the core of the entities’ mandate, the IMA, was established by Government in 1976 to collect, analyse and disseminate information relating to the economic, technological, environmental, social and legal developments in marine affairs and to formulate and implement specific programmes/projects.  Likewise, CARIRI provides technical and technology-based support services to Government and industry, both locally and regionally, in the areas of industrial materials, food technology, analytical chemistry, environmental microbiology, petroleum and sustainable energy services, calibration and information communications technology services.

Dr Ava Maxam, Director IMA, and Mr. Hans-Erich Schulz, Chief Executive Officer CARIRI

The MOU provides the framework for their co-operation as it relates to the supporting innovation and technology development as well as the management and organisational development of enterprises in the Blue Economy. 

IMA team visits CARIRI laboratories on the Trincity Industrial Park, Macoya L-R Andre Hanief (IT Manager), Arlene Johnson (Executive Assistant to Director), Cyril Best (Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary, & Dr. Ava Maxam (Director).

The signing ceremony followed a tour of CARIRI’s laboratory facilities at the Trincity Industrial Park at Macoya and at the St. Augustine Campus of UWI.  Addressing a gathering of executives from the IMA and CARIRI ahead of the signing, Mr. Hans-Erich Schulz, CARIRI’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Today’s ceremony plants the seed for the first step of our collaboration, building cross-capacity, especially in the environment, and the tourism and hospitality, and mariculture sectors.” The MOU provides the foundation for ending the sometimes silo approach to growth and development that can occur. Collaboration enables the development dollars to go much further in lean economic times ensuring that the entities that have been established to serve the nation, pool their collective efforts and resources; both tangible and intangible, for the ultimate good of the nation.  In response, IMA’s Director, Dr. Ava Maxam, said that signing of the MOU provides the platform for the growth trajectory desired by both parties. Both parties aim to fill whatever capacity shortfalls that may exist between the two, as it relates to providing consultancy services in a number of areas.

The parties will also jointly craft, and execute training and capacity-building initiatives and programmes in support of enterprise growth and development for entrepreneurs in the Blue Economy. They will share intellectual property and the archived data relevant to specific projects; and collaborate for the purpose of winning and the execution of consultancies.   

The specific areas of collaboration include:

  1. Environmental Management and Monitoring Systems pertinent to the Blue Economy including but not limited to the Tourism, Environmental, Energy and Agricultural including Aquaculture sectors;
  2. Sustainable Energy;
  3. ICT/Knowledge Management;
  4. Innovation Facilitation;
  5. Streamlining of key programmes of the IMA, namely (i) Biodiversity & Ecology, (ii) Environmental Quality, (iii) Fisheries and Aquaculture, (iii) Oceanography & Coastal Processes, to recognise and meet local and global demand for applied research and services in bolstering Blue Economy sectors and industries;
  6. Business Incubation, Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship Development;
  7. Training;
  8. Sharing of facilities for developing Data and Business Services;
  9. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including Licensing; and
  10. Undertaking of joint projects.

This co-operation agreement takes effect immediately from the date of signing and will be active for a period of two years, in the first instance.


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