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Beyond the Blue – From the ocean to our tables

To recognise the contributions of small-scale or artisanal fishers and fish workers to food security, livelihoods and conservation of our ocean and marine resources. It is hoped that this initiative will help the population understand the overall significance of the fisheries sector and expand their knowledge of marine environmental issues.

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How much have you learned about our local fishing industry in recent months? Started August 15th to December 2022, vital information was aired weekly on Gem Radio I95.5 FM, Radio Tambrin Tobago, our social media platforms, and our website on our fishing industry, its challenges, and contributions to our economy. This final quiz would test your knowledge of the 20 radio broadcasts for the chance to win an iPad 10.2 64GB. The survey has 25 questions, and the first person to submit correct responses to all the questions will win the prize.

The prize-giving ceremony will be taking place at the end of January.

Are you ready to take the quiz and win? Click on the button below to get started. Note submissions after January 13th, 2023 will not be acceptable.


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About Beyond the Blue

The fisheries sector is essentially one of the oldest activities within the Blue Economy. It provides healthy and nutritious food and livelihoods for many. Around the globe, over 3 billion people depend on the ocean for their livelihood.  And here in Trinidad and Tobago, many of us depend on the ocean for our livelihoods too. There are as many as 6000 registered fishers and around forty to fifty thousand people involved in fishing or other fish-related activity such as net mending, itinerant sales, fish farming and more. And would you believe it, our fisheries sector earns Trinidad and Tobago as much as TTD70million annually?

It’s an exciting industry. Join us and learn more about how the industry works, the people in it, and discover how your seafood makes it from the Ocean to our Tables.

This year the Republic Bank’s Power to Make a Difference Programme sponsors the 2022 Beyond the Blue: From the Ocean to our Tables, a celebration of our artisanal fishers and fish farmers, and the industry as a whole in recognition of the UN International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Listen to our audio clips, view our videos and students nine to nineteen can take our quiz for a chance to win some very exciting electronic prizes.

Stay tuned!

Giving Voice to T&T Fishers & Workers

Why Aquaculture is important?

T&T exports tons of Yellow Fin Tuna to the United States annually earning US$13.1 million dollars from the sale of 9082 tons.

How the fishing industry can meaningfully benefit from the use of information technology

Long voyage at sea to catch fish in international on a longliner boat

Using bamboo for crab catching

The Art of Smoked Fishing carried out by a Small Group of Women in Guayaguagare

The role of fishers in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable use of Marine and Aquatic Biodiversity

NAMDEVCO Orange Valley Fishing Facility

Don Miguel, a Trinidad and Tobago Fisher share his perspective

Overview of Global Fisheries

Our Gallery

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Fish on net

Fish on net

Fisher cleans and cuts fish

Fisher cleans and cuts fish

Fishers on beach with fresh catch

Fishers on beach with fresh catch

Fisher with big catch

Fisher with big catch



Matelot, Toco and Cumana

Matelot, Toco and Cumana

Pirogues at sea

Pirogues at sea

Fisher works on fishing net as IMA photographer shoots

Fisher works on fishing net as IMA photographer shoots

School of fish

School of fish

Fisher works on fishing net

Fisher works on fishing net

School of fish

School of fish

Red fish

Red fish

Fisherman and fish on boat

Fisherman and fish on boat

Coastal Erosion

Coastal Erosion

Fishers on boat

Fishers on boat

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How illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing vessels entering our waters can greatly affect our fishing industry


How the global pandemic impacted on the amount of fish and fish products produced for food and nutrition


Ways in which fishers can improve their income from fishing


How fishers can greatly benefit from the use of Information Technology


How coastal communities across the Caribbean region source their protein


Importance of Data Collection within the Fisheries Industry


Tons of Yellow Fin Tuna are exported to the U.S. annually


How bamboo traps are used to catch crabs alongside the banks of the Caroni Swamp


Cultivation of saltwater fish or mariculture


How longline vessels play an essential part in our fishing industry


Challenges face in fishing in the Guayaguayare area


An interview with fisherwoman, Ms. Bernadette Fonrose of Guayaguayare


Tobago Fisheries, the role of TADCO


Value Add Fisheries and Natural Resource Management


Fishing Associations and their role in the sector


Fishers and Natural Resource Management


Fisheries and Export Potential


Overview of Local Fisheries


A Day in the Life of Artisanal Fisher in Trinidad and Tobago


Overview of Global Fisheries
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