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What do Christmas Trees have to do with Coral Reefs?

No doubt for this festive season a lot of us would have spent time putting up Christmas trees. One of the long-standing traditions of the Christmas season is decorating our Christmas trees often times with the help of our families. During this period trees are ubiquitous from shopping malls, business places to homes. The marine environment has its own Christmas trees that adorn the seafloor all year round, creating quite a display for those who dare to seek them out. Although these Christmas trees stand no more than 4 cm high, this in no way diminishes their brilliance and beauty. The organisms to which I...

Deployment of the Water Quality Monitoring Buoy in Claxton Bay, Gulf of Paria

The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), in conjunction with Microsoft Caribbean, Fujitsu, GlobeRangers and Digicel, deployed a Water Quality Monitoring Buoy in the Gulf of Paria (GoP) off Claxton Bay on October 25th 2017.  A press conference was held at the Claxton Bay Fishing Facility to observe this event.  The feature address was delivered by the Honourable Camille Robinson-Regis, Minister of Planning and Development, who stated that for far too long we have talked about our problems, but today we are here to discuss a solution to address pollution.  She commended the IMA for its initiative to work with private sector companies such as...

Faded brilliance – the loss of corals to disease

On my first dive in Tobago a few years ago, I was stunned by the beauty of the coral reef; the colours of the stony corals and sponges, the gorgonians swishing with the waves and the multitude of playful fish careening about. After the dive, I was happily chatted away by the older divers who matter-of-factly told me that the reef I had seen that day was nothing compared to what it was like a few years before. Back then I was told, the reefs were covered in twice as much coral. So what happened to our coral reefs? Well a few things happened,...