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Environmental Quality Research Programme

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What Do We Do

The Environmental Quality Programme (EQP) conducts research to determine water, sediment, biota quality in the coastal and marine environment. This includes monitoring of pollutants such as nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, and hydrocarbons. Data generated from these tests provide information on the effectiveness of pollution reduction strategies and mitigation control, and assist in the interpretation of pollutant effects on natural systems by identifying possible sources, and impacts such as bioaccumulation and eutrophication.

Our Projects

Department Members

Darryl Banjo
Senior Research Officer (Chemistry)
Christine Bullock
Senior Research Officer (Mircobiology)
Wendy Nelson
Research Officer (Chemistry / Trace Metals)
Sheldon Ramoutar
Research Officer (Microbiology)
Sheldon Ramoutar
Research Officer (Microbiology)