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8th Community Research Symposium 2023

  IMA will host its 8th Community Research Symposium in Tobago on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in the East Training Room (Second Floor) of the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, Scarborough, Tobago. The theme for the event will be “Protecting Our Environment and Preserving Our Heritage Through Research.” IMA seeks to inform: * Fishers * Divers * Tour Operators * Fishing Associations * Agricultural Associations * Hotel Associations * Community Members * The Private Sector * Social Groups * Stakeholders of South-West Tobago * Beach Goers * Outdoor/Nature Goers Our IMA presenters on the day: * Dr Anjani Ganase, Coral Reef Ecologist * Attish Kanhai, Benthic Ecologist * Nikia Gooding, GIS Officer * Christopher Alexis, Research Officer * Isabelle Chen, Marine Technician * Dr Farahnaz Solomon,...

Beyond the Blue, a Marine Environmental Exhibition

Have you ever dived underwater to look at the natural beauty that are coral reefs? Well look no further!     The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) is proud to present ‘Beyond the Blue’, a Marine Environmental Exhibition that takes place from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th of September 2019 at NALIS, in Port of Spain.  Designed to raise awareness on the vital importance of our marine ecosystems and environment, the Exhibition aims to engage, inspire and influence visitors to step up and heed the call to action to protect and save our marine environment.   Learn about the marine environment through interactive exhibits that create an underwater/immersive experience; ...