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Assessing Coral Reef Resilience in Tobago

"Assessing Coral Reef Resilience in Tobago" Presented By: Dr. Anjanji Ganase [caption id="attachment_18692" align="alignright" width="414"] Coral Reef Ecologist, Biodiversity & Ecology Research Programme, Institute of Marine Affairs[/caption] Coral reefs of Tobago serve crucial ecosystem services that sustain our way of life. Our coral reefs are rich in biodiversity and support our fisheries and tourism industries, as well as protect our coastline. Unfortunately, reefs have degraded significantly over the last fifty years as a result of disease, pollution, unregulated fishing, and coral bleaching. The Institute of Marine Affairs has been monitoring Tobago’s coral reef health for the last ten years, since the 2010 bleaching event and evidence has shown...

Mariculture in the Blue Economy: An ocean’s worth of potential for T&T

"Mariculture in the Blue Economy: An ocean’s worth of potential for T&T" Presented By: Daniel Robinson [caption id="attachment_18629" align="alignright" width="300"] Daniel Robinson Research Officer- Aquaculture Institute of Marine Affairs[/caption]   As Trinidad and Tobago aims to diversify its economy, reduce its food import bill and provide livelihoods, the transition to the Blue Economy will play a significant role in achieving this. Alongside its existing Blue Economy industries, emerging industries are key to this transition. A notable emerging Blue Economy industry is coast and ocean based Mariculture. The Caribbean has a favourable climate for mariculture; however, growth in this sector has been slow. To promote the growth of mariculture in...