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Jun 2021

Below the Blue; Exploring the Caribbean Deep and Harnessing its Benefits

1:00 PM

For our 2021 World Oceans’ Day observance (Tues 8 June), tune in as we present “Below the Blue: Exploring the Caribbean Deep and Harnessing its Benefits – Distinguished Lecture and Panel Discussion”.

Mar 2021

Mangrove Forest leading the fight against climate change! The frequency of disasters worldwide has more than doubled in just 35 years; and 90% of these disasters are water related. More and more, climate change is driving weather-related hazards such as flooding and hurricanes.  This pattern…

Feb 2021

Blue Economy Innovation Challenge Launch

10:00 AM

CALL FOR INNOVATIVE BUSINESSES IN THE BLUE ECONOMY Blue Economy Innovation Challenge for private firms and established start-ups AWARDS: up to US$160,000 in technical assistance grants     What? Technical assistance provided to Blue Economy Startups and Firms for the implementation of innovative, scalable business…

Feb 2021

Book Launch: Mangrove Forests of Trinidad and Tobago According to a new publication launched by the Institute of Marine Affairs to mark World Wetlands Day, mangroves provide immense benefits to humanity by supporting the livelihoods of coastal populations, protecting the nurseries of many fish species…

Dec 2020

Assessing Coral Reef Resilience in Tobago

1:00 PM
Zoom & Facebook LIVE

“Assessing Coral Reef Resilience in Tobago” Presented By: Dr. Anjanji Ganase Coral reefs of Tobago serve crucial ecosystem services that sustain our way of life. Our coral reefs are rich in biodiversity and support our fisheries and tourism industries, as well as protect our coastline….

Nov 2020

“Mariculture in the Blue Economy: An ocean’s worth of potential for T&T” Presented By: Daniel Robinson   As Trinidad and Tobago aims to diversify its economy, reduce its food import bill and provide livelihoods, the transition to the Blue Economy will play a significant role…

Sep 2019

Have you ever dived underwater to look at the natural beauty that are coral reefs? Well look no further!     The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) is proud to present ‘Beyond the Blue’, a Marine Environmental Exhibition that takes place from Tuesday 17th to…

Aug 2019

The Sea And Me: Livelihood and Learning – 6th Community Research Symposium

4:30 PM
Carenage Fishing Centre, Western Main Road, Carenage


Jul 2018

The EMA’s Role, Function and Activities towards the Science-based Management of T&T’s Oceans and Coasts

5:00 PM
Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn

The EMA’s Role, Function and Activities towards the Science-based Management of T&T’s Oceans and Coasts Themed “Science and Innovation for Marine Conservation”, the Public Lecture Series is particularly aimed at engaging the public on current issues affecting our marine environment and the necessary actions that…

Jun 2018

Oceans and Climate Change – What does it mean for Small Island States?

5:00 PM
Old Fire Station Building, cor. Hart and Abercromby Streets Pos

Event: Oceans and Climate Change – What does it mean for Small Island States? “Oceans serve an important function in regulating the global climate system. From heat absorption and circulation, to exchanging heat with the atmosphere. Oceans also provide a reservoir for carbon dioxide, the…

May 2018

Science-based Mgt of our Oceans

5:00 PM
Old Fire Station Building, cor. Hart and Abercromby Streets Pos

Event: Science-based Management of our Oceans How can marine science help us contribute to the sustainable management of our livelihoods, jobs and our energy-based sectors?  We can start from the premise that to understand and achieve sustainable development, an obligation to conserve our marine and coastal…

Apr 2018

IMA 40th Anniversary Celebrations

3:00 PM
Government Campus Plaza
Event: IMA 40th Anniversary Celebrations The Institute of Marine Affairs was set up in 1976 by an Act of Parliament but became functional in 1978. Our mandate is to conduct scientific research on the coastal and marine environment and advise government on the sustainable management...
Mar 2018
Caroni to Pointe-a-Pierre - Conserving Our Coastal Environment The goal of this symposium was to provide relevant scientific information to all stakeholders of the area (from Caroni to Pointe-a-Pierre) and to create a space for pertinent discussions on the state of the coastal environment as...
Jan 2018

Education & Awareness About Marine Debris

Chaguanas Borough Corporation
Event: Education & Awareness About Marine Debris The IMA, through the Information Centre, entered into a collaboration with the Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD) and GEF UNDP for a new project entitled Marine Environment Education Program Trinidad and Tobago (MEEPTT) The awareness campaign...
Oct 2017

Deployment of Water Quality Monitoring Buoy

11:00 AM
Claxton Bay Fishing Facility
Event: Deployment of Water Quality Monitoring Buoy The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), in conjunction with Microsoft Caribbean, Fujitsu, GlobeRangers and Digicel, deployed a Water Quality Monitoring Buoy in the Gulf of Paria(GoP) off Claxton Bay. The purpose of this PoC is to gather real...
Sep 2017

Community Research Symposium

10:00 AM
BPTT Mayaro Resource Centre
Event: Community Research Symposium Promoting stakeholders participation on marine resource management, was the theme for the Institute of Marine Affairs(IMA) third Community Research Symposium, which was held on September 20th 2017 at the BPTT Mayaro Resource Centre, in Mayaro. Attendees included Chairman and members of...

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