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The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) Library welcomes all users, staff and the public, to a pleasant and productive environment that promotes research, study and intellectual exploration. The IMA library seeks to provide access to a well-managed and diverse collection of library resources

Mission and History

The Mission of the IMA Library is to support and further the strategic direction, research and related information needs of the IMA through access to a comprehensive and current cache of relevant information.  Consistent with this mission, the IMA primarily serves the IMA Research and Support Departments, as well as other government agencies.

The Library was established in 1984 and forms part of the Institute’s Information Centre. The collection is multidisciplinary and includes works in a variety of fields and formats including (but not limited to): Biodiversity and Ecology, Climate Change, Coastal Processes, Fisheries, GIS, Marine Ecosystems, Marine Policy and Resources, Ocean Engineering, Oceanography, Remote Sensing and Statistics.   Its function is to provide current scientific, technical and legislative information covering topics in marine and coastal environment and other related disciplines in support of the IMA’s Research Programs.

It is also available to the public seeking marine-related information for government business, personal enterprise, education or pleasure.

Visiting the IMA Library

Resumption of Walk-in Library Service at the Institute of Marine Affairs  

The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) Library resumes its walk-in information service to all members of the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We take this opportunity to remind you that our virtual information service continue and welcome your  information enquiries and requests via our email service at

Contact details are: PBX: 868-634-4291 ext. 2403 and 2406; Mobile: 684-4973 and Email:


While the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has lifted the mask mandate on 17th July 2022, we encourage you to practice other public health and social measures to reduce the risk of potentially contracting or spreading COVID-19.  Portable sinks are located outside for handwashing and persons have the option to have their personal belongings sterilised with the use of sanitizing spray guns, to ensure a safe environment for All.

We thank you for your usual cooperation.

Request a Publication

Request a Publication

Please fill out the form below to request a publication from our library.

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  1. Reference, Information and Research Service

We at the Library are here to assist and encourage you to ask any questions you may have about the Library, using library resources, finding data sets, and more by e-mailing your requests.

  1. Reprographics Services

Reprographics services entail the reproduction of information using various methods, of which the following are offered in the IMA Library.  All patrons should note that the IMA Library adheres to copyright law and as such one chapter or 10% is allowed to be reproduced, whichever is greater and, two articles or 10% from a journal issue, whichever is greater.  Patrons or users must assume responsibility for payment of any of the following fee-based services.

  • A Photocopying Service is offered where requests for photocopies are made on the official form comprising the copyright declaration, which must be signed. This service is offered in black and white and colour at a charge.


  • A Printing Service is available at a charge where requests are made on the official copyright declaration form, which must also be signed. The fees for the photocopying service are also applicable to the printing service, and are subject to change.


  • Consistent with the10% rule, a Scanning Service is offered to library patrons who request same where 48 hours’ notice is required. Once the copyright declaration form is completed, signed, scanned and e-mailed to the Library, the requested scanned information will be e-mailed to the patron’s e-mail address at a fee.


  • Patrons can use their personal smart mobile devices to capture or reproduce information in an effort to reduce the need for photocopies and to supplement note taking. The 10% rule is also applicable for use of smart mobile devices.


  1. Interlibrary loans – Other Libraries

The IMA Library can access the resources of other specialised libraries to broaden the services offered to its staff only.   However, as a rule, it is not possible to lend library materials to the public. However, we are part of the Inter-library Loan Service where we lend to libraries.  In this way, the borrowing library is responsible for the safe return of borrowed materials to the IMA Library.


  1. Internet Access

As part of its goal to provide access to a comprehensive and current cache of information, the IMA Library provides access to the Internet.


  1. Wi-Fi Service

Free wireless Internet service is offered to library patrons with a laptop or other wireless devices as part of the IMA Library’s objective to provide additional information and access the Internet.  Printing is not accessible via the wireless network

General Disclaimer:

  • The Library’s wireless network is not secure nor encrypted so users are cautioned that information sent from their personal devices can be captured by anyone with a wireless device. In this regard, users are advised to update virus protection and/or other measures on their personal laptop or devices.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to personal mobile devices or laptop that might result from use of the Wi-Fi service.
  • While the use of social networking sites such as chat rooms, blogs and other Internet functions are not prohibited, the Library does not provide technical support for their use.
  • As the Library is unable to monitor or control the content of materials on the Internet, it does not assume responsibility nor guarantee the accuracy or currency of information obtained through the Internet
Library Code of Conduct

The IMA Library seeks to provide all its users with a welcoming, comfortable and productive environment conducive for study and research and one that is appropriate for the protection of library materials.  This requires that all users comply with the Library’s Code of Conduct.

  • Users may not engage in disruptive activity or behaviour that interferes with the ordinary use and operation of the Library.
  • Eating, Chewing Gum, Drinking, Smoking and Vaping are prohibited in the Library.
  • Selling or solicitation including but not limited to peddling, conducting unauthorized surveys or material distribution are prohibited in the Library.
  • Publications such as pamphlets or other materials may not be taken form the Library without proper authorization.
  • It is the responsibility for All users to observe and comply with copyright legislation and licensing agreements.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in forfeiture of access to the Library.

The Library is generally opened Monday to Friday, excluding national and public holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Please contact us to arrange access to our collections.

Our Reports

2011 – Land Cover Changes Caroni Swamp, Trinidad 1942-2007-ResearchReport-2011

2010 – Status of Mangrove Forests Trinidad and Tobago-2010

2010 – Coral Reef Monitoring Status Report Tobago 2010-2013-2015

2010 – Baseline Study of Physio-chemical Parameters Nutrients Heavy Metals Hydrocarbons in Waters of GOP-2010

2009 – GIS Information System Fisheries System Other Coastal Activities Case Study Fishing Communities Ortoire Guayaguayare-2009

2009 – Coastal Conservation Project Assessment Coral Reefs Tobago-2009

2008 – Polyculture of Giant Freshwater Prawn Technical Report-2008

2008 – Description Fishery System Ortoire Guayaguayare Trinidad-2008

2007 – Assessment Biota Quality Gulf of Paria Heavy Metals-2007

2006 – Inventory Seagrass Communities around Trinidad and Tobago-2006

2006 – Assessment Biota Quality GOP Hydrocarbon Component 2006

2004 – Coastal Conservation Project Beaches and Bays Tobago 2004-2008-2013

2004 – Coastal Conservation Project Beaches and Bays in Trinidad 2004-2008-2012

1994 – Coastline Change Detection Trinidad and Tobago 1994-2014-2020

1994 – Coastline Change Detection Trinidad and Tobago 1994-2014_2020

1988 – Potential Location for Port Development in North East Trinidad-1988

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our library at if you’d like to inquire further about any reports or if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Information

Institute of Marine Affairs research building (IMA)

If you have any questions or comments concerning our research reports and other resources, or you need further assistance, please contact:


(868) 634-4291 ext. 2403 or 2408



Institute of Marine Affairs
Hilltop Lane,
P.O. Box 3160, Carenage Post Office

Freedom of Information

Request information under the Freedom of Information Act (1999) from the Institute of Marine Affairs

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) ensures that members of the public (any citizen and or non-national) can request a copy of official documents from a public authority or statutory agency.

The Freedom of Information Act gives members of the public:

  1. A legal right for each person to access information held by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards;
  2. A legal right for each person to have official information relating to himself/herself amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading;
  3. A legal right to obtain reasons for adverse decisions made regarding an applicant’s request for information under the FOIA;
  4. A legal right to complain to the Ombudsman and to apply to the High Court for Judicial Review to challenge adverse decisions made under the FOIA.

To request access to an official document(s), please fill out and submit the Freedom of Information Request for Access to Official Documents Form

In accordance with Section 7, 8 and 9 of the Freedom of Information Act, 1999 (FOIA), the Institute of Marine Affairs (hereinafter called the IMA) is required by law to publish and annually update the statement which lists the documents and information generally available to the public.

IMA Public Statement 2020                 View Document