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MARIN Tobago

Marine Resilience Initiative (MARIN) Tobago Project – PILOT

About the Project


The Marine Resilience Initiative (MARIN) Tobago pilot project is an 18-month pilot project carried out by the Institute of Marine Affairs with support from the bp Trinidad and Tobago (BPTT). During this period, MARIN Tobago seeks to determine the feasibility of coral and seagrass rehabilitation strategies given their current ecological state, existing disturbances and management practices. For this, IMA will explore suitable methodologies for seagrass and coral reef restoration in Tobago; one that maintains biodiversity and continues to support livelihoods. The second objective is to sensitize on the importance of coral reef and seagrass restoration efforts and garner community support for sustainable restoration and active management efforts.

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Pilot Outputs


  1. Rehabilitation / Restoration Guide for Coral Reefs and Seagrass in Tobago – The guide will be a first iteration of the recommended (resilience-based) management and restoration strategies for the pilot seagrass sites for Tobago southwest and northeast areas.
  2. Tobago Marine Resilience Network – Success of community engagement will be measured by the number and types of community members that attend the workshops, are involved in pilot seagrass restoration work, and the number of divers involved in the spawning monitoring workshop. Attendees will be invited to form a resilience network that will continue to be involved in future implementations and capacity-building exercises in the next phases of the project.
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Coral and Seagrass Guide

Project Lead 

Dr Anjani Ganase

Project Team

Mr Attish Kanhai

Dr Rahanna Juman

Ms Hannah Lochan

Mr Jonathan Gomez

Mr Addison Titus


January 2022 to June 2023


Field of Research

Biodiversity and Ecology

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